The Soul's Work Podcast

Reconnecting with Our Soul (with Allyn Reid)

February 26, 2022 Janice Ho Season 3 Episode 1
The Soul's Work Podcast
Reconnecting with Our Soul (with Allyn Reid)
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We're kicking off Season 3 of the podcast by reconnecting with our souls! Janice and her guest Allyn Reid (founder of WooManity, a soul leadership development hub) discuss Allyn's work helping business leaders who have “tried everything” but hit a wall to shift toward running their business (and life) from a soul-led place. And Allyn shares how we all can begin the slow but transformative work of tuning into our soul so we can get out of autopilot mode and live with greater purpose and authenticity.

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  • 00:00: Kicking off Season 3 of the podcast!
  • 01:28: What’s in store for Season 3
  • 02:14: Support the podcast by reviewing and rating the podcast here:
  • 02:40: How to connect with me
  • 03:10: Allyn Reid’s bio
  • 05:23: Introducing Allyn Reid
  • 06:13: What is the soul?
  • 07:39: Allyn’s soul-awakening (a near-death experience)
  • 10:44: What it looks like when people aren’t living life from a soul-led place
  • 15:04: Listening to the body to reconnect with the soul
  • 18:12: When it gets challenging to be still and tune into our soul
  • 22:25: Why business leaders work with Allyn in doing their own soul’s work
  • 25:10: Phase 1 of the work: Resolving the ongoing patterns that aren’t working
  • 29:34: Phase 2 of the work: Tapping into your own “medicine” and talents
  • 31:03: Phase 3 of the work: Honing your “gateway drug” (your original gift)
  • 35:11: How the pandemic has interrupted people running on autopilot
  • 38:21: Why our greatest potential is not in our mind and “science”
  • 43:33: Practice reconnecting with your soul: “Show me yes. Show me no.”
  • 49:46: Allyn’s final words of wisdom
  • 50:40: How to connect with Allyn


Hey y’all, welcome back to The Soul’s Work Podcast, the show about uncovering our authentic selves through doing both the light work and the shadow work. I’m your host Janice Ho, and it’s so amazing to be kicking off Season 3 with y’all. Wow. I’m really excited for this season. I’m gonna tell you what’s in store in for y’all just a sec.

But first, if you’re new here, or if you didn’t catch the end of Season 2 yet, the finale episode for Season 2 shares a really good overview of this podcast’s journey. How it started, how it’s kind of shifted from Season 1 to 2 in kind of mirroring my personal self-development journey. And I also share six really big lessons that I’ve learned from doing my self-work, trauma-healing work. So it’ll give you a really good sense of where we’ve landed, where I’ve landed, both in terms of the podcast and my own personal growth as we move into Season 3.

And I feel like there’s no better way to start off Season 3 … and we’re already a little ways into 2022 – it’s February 26, 2022, today – but for me, I really felt like my new year started with the Lunar New Year at the top of this month ... and yeah, there’s no better way to start off all of it than by reconnecting with our soul. And that’s what we’re diving into today with Allyn Reid, my amazing guest. We actually recorded this in early December, so it’s been a long time waiting, and it’s so ready to be released into the world now.

But before I introduce you to Allyn, very quickly, what I have planned for Season 3 so far is talking about things like exploring pleasure, healing from trauma through the body, of course more on dating and dating apps, as well as my exploration with polyamory and consensual non-monogamy more broadly. We’re going to talk about befriending our emotions, doing relationships differently, unlearning beauty standards, healing in community, and much, much more. And I think there’s gonna be way more guests this season than I normally have, which I’m super excited about, because it’s great to bring in those other perspectives. And, of course, I’ll still do some solo episodes as well.

Okay, so I’d love to make a request, as always, if you’re enjoying the show, if you like what you hear today, please do support the podcast by leaving a 5-star rating and review on Apple Podcasts, or Podchasers, or right on the website. You can go to to do that and even from there access the direct links to Apple Podcasts and Podchasers. There is a Leave a Review page on the website that makes this all very simple. And on the website, you can also find all of the episodes, my blog. 

And as always, you can connect with me by email at Let me know what else you want to hear this season. What is on your mind, in your heart? I’d love to know. And you can connect with me on Instagram @janicehoimages as well. All the links to all of these things will be in the show notes for this episode.

Okay, without further ado, let me tell you about this amazing soul, Allyn Reid. Allyn is the founder of WooManity, a soul leadership development hub. And she is on a mission to build soul literacy in humanity. Allyn is passionate about books, beauty, and impact. She possesses a curiosity about the origin of ideas, the motivations of people, and sensibilities of cultures. And she enjoys assisting others in reaching their full potential and being an amplifier to their missions. If you've got a rocket, Allyn can create the foundation that you can launch from and land on. Maintenance is not really her thing. But strategy, visioneering work, and growing creatively is Allyn’s sweet spot.

So, some of Allyn’s past lives include:

Being the First Filipina to summit Mount Kilimanjaro in 2010.

She produced Wishman, a movie about the life of the Make-A-Wish founder.

Allyn founded the Secret Knock Conference, a Forbes Must-Attend event for Entrepreneurs.

She is affectionately referred by friends as Dr. Fury. And she collects friends with superpowers.

Finally, Allyn can easily be found wherever there are great minds around.

And I can fully see why. I really enjoyed this conversation with Allyn and hearing her thoughts on reconnecting with our soul. We get into: What does the soul even mean? What does our life look like and how do we feel when we’re out of alignment with our soul? And how do we begin that process of awakening and reuniting with this really core part of ourselves? 

You know, at a time when it feels like we’re emerging from a very long, blurry, messy, often disheartening pandemic, it’s feeling really important to bring some attention to this and reconnect with ourselves. And I’m just so grateful to have connected with a fellow human who is just as passionate about this topic of the soul as I am. So take it all in, sit with it, and listen closely to hear what your soul might be saying to you about it. All right, y’all. Enjoy the show.